Shelby County Bass Anglers - About Us


The Shelby County Bass Anglers was created by a dedicated group of anglers holding informal tournaments on Lake Pinkston in the summer of 1991. With Norris Askew putting together a set of Bylaws that are still used today, and a board and officers comprised of: Jerry Parker - President; Gary Mize - Vice President; Norris Askew - Treasurer; Curtis Walker - Secretary; Jimmy Andrews - Tournament Director; James Elliott - Director; Gary McDonald - Director; Lance Hughes - Director; Randy Smotherman - Director.

The original tournament schedule alternated between individual and team events on the following lakes: Lake Pinkston, Lake Murval, Martin Creek Lake, Sam Rayburn, and Toledo Bend. As the club grew to over 100 active members, Lake Pinkston, Martin Creek Lake, and Murval were eliminated due to size constraints. Currently the schedule alternates between Toledo Bend and Sam Rayburn, having tournaments on both the north and south ends of the reservoirs. In addition, only the "team" format is being utilized with an "Open Team" night tournament held in August during the full moon phase.

The visions of the original officers and directors are still upheld as the club continues to prosper.

Name Title Home Cell Business Email
Jason Wells President 936-572-7311 936-635-1717 936-275-3111
Larry Matthews Sr. Vice President 936-368-7352 318-517-9667    
David Koonce Treasure 936-598-9803 936-590-0994 936-598-3389
Jacob Permenter Secretary        
Levi Willoughby Tournament Director   936-332-4443
Cody Barton Assistant Tournament Director   330-357-6740
Ricky Sims Assistant Tournament Director   936-591-2752
Greg McDonald Director 936-590-4318 936-591-4545 936-598-6070  
James Crelia Director 936-598-5485 936-462-3563 936-598-5547
Will Lloyd Director 936-590-9050 936-460-2457
Sammy Arnold Director / Fundraiser Chairman 936-598-5738 936-332-5100
Chris Carwright Director 936-591-0074 936-572-8347    
Bruce Koonce Honorary Director 936-598-5114 936-591-1425    
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